Standing up for what's right.

Regina is qualified to lead, and she’s committed to serve the community that raised her. She has the courage and integrity to stand up for our families, our economy, our community, and our country.

Regina will stand up for our families.

As a mother, daughter, and wife, Regina understands the challenges facing families in the 4th District. She’ll fight to ensure that the families of our region are able to lead happy, fulfilling lives. Regina will:

+ Advocate for our public schools and our teachers.

Regina believes that every child deserves a world-class public education, regardless of their financial means, their family’s background, or the region where they live. With our rural schools losing pupils, every dollar of funding counts. Regina will push the federal government to meet its obligations to fund special education, which will free up money for our school districts to pay for other important programs. Regina also understands that a great education requires great teachers. She will stand up for our teachers and ensure they are supported with the resources they need, paid well, and provided with an excellent working environment. Regina is opposed to private, for-profit charter schools, which drain resources away from our local public schools without any proven increase in student achievement.

+ Improve our healthcare system.

Regina understands that healthcare is both a right and a necessity. It is unconscionable that our President and our Congress are actively sabotaging our health insurance markets, causing premiums to rise for families in our district. If the Affordable Care Act is repealed or significantly undermined, between 32,000 - 79,000 people in the 4th District could lose their health insurance altogether, and some of our rural healthcare providers may be forced to close their doors. That’s wrong. Instead of harming members of our community, we should be moving forward to cover more people more affordably. Regina will protect our existing programs, like CHIP (the Children’s Health Insurance Plan), Medicare, and Medicaid/Medi-Cal. She will also work hard to bring down costs, starting with the exorbitant price of prescription drugs. She will also defend and improve the Affordable Care Act (ACA), stabilizing our insurance markets and expanding coverage.

+ Help college students.

No student should succeed in high school, only to be unable to afford to go to college. Regina has taught at the university level, and she understands both the value of a college education, and the crushing burden of debt that saddles so many students when they graduate. We must do everything possible to make college affordable again, starting by expanding the Pell Grant program, creating more loan forgiveness programs, and aggressively regulating the student loan industry, to prevent students from being taken advantage of by predatory lenders.

+ Be a positive role model.

Right now, our children do not have the role models they deserve, and our community does not have the leaders that we deserve. Somehow, we find ourselves in a world where ethics are optional, diatribes have replaced dialogue, and insults and vitriol are more common than real moral leadership. Regina is running for Congress to change that. Regina is not a political insider — she’s a mother who can’t bear to see her kids grow up in a world where bullying is the norm. Regina shares our values, and she will be a fresh, positive voice for our region.

Regina will stand up for our economy.

Regina worked her first jobs in Roseville. She’s done everything from softball umpiring to ice cream scooping to sandwich making, and she knows the value of hard work. She believes that anyone who is willing to work hard should be able to build a secure and comfortable life for themselves and their family.

Right now many people feel that the deck is stacked against them, and they just can’t get ahead. They’re right. Too many people are being left behind — and Regina is committed to changing that.

Regina will fight to ensure we have a level playing field, where everyone has a fair shot at success. Regina will:

+ Empower small business owners.

Regina knows that small businesses are critical to our local economy, and she will make sure small business owners have the resources and support they need to succeed. She will fight to streamline regulations and provide excellent constituent services to local business owners. Regina will also expand innovative programs to provide small businesses with greater access to capital, including SBA loans provided by local intermediaries.

+ Expand job training programs.

Regina supports career and technical education and job training programs. Regina’s mom teaches nursing at Sierra College in Rocklin, and Regina is a strong advocate for our community colleges. She understands that they play a critical role in teaching career-relevant skills ranging from CNC machining to wind turbine repair. She also believes that our tax system should incentivize companies to hire and train new workers.

+ Support smart investments in infrastructure.

Regina knows that to grow and prosper, our region needs smart investments in infrastructure. Regina is committed to working with local elected officials to ensure they have the support necessary to meet the needs of our community. Our local leaders know their communities best — but they also need a collaborate, responsive partner at the federal level. Regina will always stand up for our region, and she will be a good partner for our local governments. From inadequate, overcrowded highway interchanges to leaking pipes and crumbling levees, Regina understands the needs of our district and she’ll fight to make concrete, tangible improvements for us.

+ Improve internet access.

The 4th District is just a few hours from Silicon Valley, but when it comes to telecommunications, we’re worlds apart. The majority of rural families in our district cannot get high-speed internet right now, no matter how much they are willing to pay. As a result, they are excluded from the modern economy, and they are cut off from important educational and health resources. Regina believes that this is wrong. Unlike our current representative, she will fight for federal support to expand rural broadband access. She also supports net neutrality, which is critical to ensuring that our small businesses and entrepreneurs can compete fairly with large corporations.

+ Be a responsible steward of our great outdoors.

Here in the 4th District, our economy depends on sound land management policies and responsible stewardship of our great outdoors. Regina will fight to protect the beautiful parks, mountains, lakes, and rivers that draw so many visitors to CA-04 each year. Regina supports commonsense wildfire prevention measures, and she will fight for federal resources to deal with the tree mortality crisis in the Sierra Nevada. By pro-actively removing dead trees, we can create good-paying jobs, reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires, and save the government money in the long run.

+ Fight climate change.

Regina understands that climate change poses a grave threat to our local economy and our way of life. Trees are dying. Droughts are worsening. Fires are more severe. Here in CA-04, we are living on the frontlines of climate change, and Regina will fight to protect us. Regina will make sure our residents and businesses have the support they need to adapt to changes in our climate. Regina supports increased investments in renewable energy and green energy jobs, and she will take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. She supports a carbon fee and dividend plan, similar to the plan proposed by Sec. James Baker, which would return about $2,000 per year to the average American family. Once in office, Regina will join the Climate Solutions Caucus, which is 50% Republicans, 50% Democrats. She will work with this bipartisan group to take swift action to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Our district’s future depends on it.

+ Support local agriculture.

From ranching to winemaking, agriculture is an important part of our local economy. Regina will stand up for our local agricultural producers. Much of the water used statewide originates in the 4th District, and we must ensure that our local farmers, ranchers, and growers have fair access to that water. Regina also supports programs to ensure that our local farmers, ranchers, and growers can invest in the best, most efficient technology — from renewable energy to high-efficiency irrigation systems.

Regina will stand up for our community.

Regina is a proud daughter of the 4th District. Her parents brought her to Roseville when she was two years old, and her family has been firmly rooted here ever since. Regina attended grades K-12 in our public schools, and today many of her former teachers, coaches, and classmates are volunteering for her campaign.

Regina will always fight for our community, because she is 100% loyal to the community that raised her. Regina will:

+ Hold town hall meetings.

Regina is completely committed to serving all the people of the 4th District. She will hold at least 10 town halls per year, one in each of our 10 counties. Regina will also work hard to provide our region with excellent constituent services, hiring staffers and interns who are respectful, responsive, and knowledgeable about local issues.

+ Open multiple district offices.

No constituent should have to drive for three or four hours just to meet with his or her Representative. Regina will open district offices in both the northern and southern regions of the 4th District. One office will be in Roseville or Rocklin, and the other will likely be in Sonora. Constituents will be welcome to stop by and chat with a staff member any time they have a question or concern.

+ Promote affordable housing.

The residents of our district should be able to live in the communities where they work. Yet particularly in the Tahoe-Truckee area and in Mariposa, housing is so scarce that it’s the limiting factor preventing our economy from flourishing. Regina will stand up for our region and work to adapt existing housing programs to work better in rural areas. She will also work with and support local groups that are tackling the housing issue, such as the Mountain Housing Council. Regina will work hard to connect these local advocacy groups with federal resources to address our housing crisis.

+ Honor veterans.

The 4th District is home to more than 54,000 veterans. Our veterans served our country bravely, and Regina is committed to honoring their service. She will fight to improve the VA healthcare system, to ensure that veterans in rural areas can access the services they need, and to expand job training programs and housing assistance for veterans.

+ Advocate for seniors.

After a lifetime of hard work, our seniors deserve a secure, comfortable retirement. Regina will always stand strong to protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid (which is called Medi-Cal in California). Regina opposes any and all efforts to privatize Social Security. She also opposes the current GOP tax plan, which would result in an estimated $25 billion of cuts to Medicare in the next year alone. Instead of cutting benefits and rolling back protections for our seniors, Regina believes that we should be working to lower prescription drug costs, to make it easier for seniors to access the services they need, and to better support families who are caring for aging relatives.

+ Invest in fire prevention.

Here in CA-04, fire prevention is a matter of life and death. Regina supports active, scientifically-based management of our forests, and she understands that investing in fire prevention is the fiscally responsible thing to do: it saves the government money in the long run. Regina supports efforts to protect federal fire prevention funding, so those funds are not stolen and re-allocated to fire suppression. She will also make sure that homeowners and business owners can access fire insurance on terms that are fair and reasonable.

Regina will stand up for our country.

We are living in unprecedented times. Our democracy is under assault like never before. Our basic rights and liberties are in jeopardy. Our country’s reputation is at stake, and our national security is on the line. After 9/11, Regina served our country by joining the Foreign Service. Now, in these historic times, she’s ready to step up and serve again. Regina will:

+ Protect our national security.

Regina is a former diplomat and an internationally recognized expert on crime, policing, and security after civil wars. Regina stands for a strong national defense and a rational foreign policy that improves our national security, rather than recklessly endangering us. She knows what it takes to keep us safe.

+ Fully investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election.

We know that the Russians interfered with our elections in 2016, but we don’t yet know to what extent, where, or how. The American people deserve clear answers. Regina will fight hard for a thorough, transparent investigation. Regina supports Robert Mueller’s investigation. She will also push to establish a bipartisan commission modeled after the 9/11 Commission.

+ End partisan gridlock in Washington, DC.

Regina will always put country over party. She’s a practical problem-solver who will get results for our region. Regina has committed to join the Problem Solvers Caucus, a group that is half Republicans, half Democrats, and focused on making our government work for the people again. Regina believes in balance and good governance, not partisan political games.

+ Promote fiscal responsibility.

Regina knows that our mounting national debt places an unconscionable burden on future generations. Regina is staunchly opposed to wasteful government spending, and she is committed to making government work more efficiently. We need to root out fraud, and we need to stop wasting money on contractors. And of course, Congress should pass a balanced budget each year. Regina supports the bipartisan No Budget, No Pay Act, which says that if Congress fails to pass a budget and related appropriations bills on time, then our representatives should not get paid. It’s about time that our government actually worked for the people again.

+ Secure our borders and reform our immigration system.

If elected, Regina would be the only member of Congress with firsthand experience on the frontlines of our immigration system. When Regina worked for the State Department, she issued and denied more than 10,000 visas, and she led the Fraud Prevention Unit at the US Embassy in Guatemala City. She understands the importance of enforcing our immigration laws and maintaining a secure border. But at the same time, Regina is also a Spanish-English interpreter who has more than a decade of experience working with Spanish-speaking immigrants in the US. We need an immigration system that is fair and balanced — and Regina is uniquely qualified to get us there. Regina will push to pass a clean DREAM Act and she will fight for comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform, including a pathway to citizenship for people who are able to pass background checks and pay fees. Regina also believes that we should fully implement an effective exit-tracking system, so consular officers and immigration officials can know when visa-holders exit the United States. This type of tracking system will deter travelers from overstaying their visas and reduce undocumented immigration into the United States.