A proud native of California's 4th District.

Regina is a proud native of California’s 4th District. Her family has lived in Roseville since 1984. Regina grew up playing in Maidu Park, attending the local public schools, and camping in the Sierra Nevada mountains. She also worked part-time as a softball umpire, ice cream scooper, sandwich-maker, and retail salesperson.

Regina was a class valedictorian at Granite Bay High School. She went on to earn a BA from Stanford University and an MA and PhD from Yale University. She also studied abroad in Latin America, where she learned to speak Spanish fluently.

After 9/11, Regina became a Foreign Service Officer for the US Department of State. She studied terrorist travel and border security in Washington, DC, and she served as a vice-consul at the US Embassy in Guatemala City. Regina issued and denied visas, investigated visa fraud, and assisted American citizens in distress abroad. If elected, Regina would be the only former consular officer in Congress.

Currently, Regina is an assistant professor of political science. She teaches classes on research methods, the philosophy of science, Latin American politics, and crime and policing. She has received several prestigious awards for her academic research and for her mentoring of undergraduate students.

Regina is married to Vivek Krishnamurthy, and they have three young children. Together with her family, Regina enjoys hiking, camping, snowshoeing, biking, reading, and gardening. She is also an avid knitter.