Regina Bateson Endorses Bond Measure E

California 4th Congressional Candidate Regina Bateson Endorses Sierra College Funding Measure

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March 3, 2018 (Roseville, CA) – Years after she took her first college class at Sierra College, Regina Bateson has thrown her support behind Bond Measure E, which is a funding measure to repair and modernize the school. Sierra College is a highly respected junior college that provides high-quality, affordable educational opportunities to students straight out of high school as well as workers looking to gain new skills.

Bateson's mother, Sharon Bateson, teaches nursing at the school, so she is acutely aware of its impact on the community. “Sierra College plays a critical role in our region,” Bateson said. “Many of our public safety officers, paramedics, nurses, and machinists are trained right here. I support smart investments to grow jobs and make sure our region continues to thrive. That's why I support Measure E.”

The proposed bond will be for $350 million, which would amount to less than $5 a month for the typical taxpayer.

According to Sierra College’s website, “the bond funds will be used to:
- Repair and bring aging facilities up to current building codes
- Modernize 50-year-old buildings so they can continue to be used in the future
- Build a new Science Building to meet demand from students
- Expand on-campus Veterans programs and training, preparing them for jobs in the private sector
- Increase training and education opportunities for Law Enforcement, Firefighters and Nurses.”

The Bond Measure will be voted on June 5, in the Primary Election where Bateson’s name will also appear on the ballot.

“Our young people deserve a world-class, affordable education, and local employers need a highly skilled workforce,” Bateson said. “I want to see Sierra College get the funding it needs so it can continue to be a positive force for our community.”

Bateson – a former Foreign Service Officer for the State Department, an award-winning social scientist, and the mother of three young children – is running for Congress to fight for the urgent, practical needs of working families in the 4th District.


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