Our district is full of good, decent people.


California’s 4th District deserves better than Rep. Tom McClintock. Our district is full of good, decent people. We are warm and compassionate. We care about our families, our communities, and the environment. We believe in science. We abhor discrimination. We cherish and support all our neighbors, from the young to the elderly.

I am running for Congress because our region desperately needs real representation in Washington, DC. As a native of the 4th District, I understand our shared values. I will fight to strengthen our local economy, to protect our great outdoors, and to ensure access to affordable healthcare.

I am a pragmatic problem-solver who is committed to improving life in our region, from the suburbs to the Sierra. I invite all our district’s Democrats, moderate Republicans, and unaffiliated voters to join me in this campaign. We may not always agree on everything, but I will listen carefully to your views, and I will treat all the residents of our district with dignity and respect. You deserve no less.