Democratic Challenger Regina Bateson Out-raises GOP Incumbent  

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Momentum builds as grassroots campaign accrues critical endorsements and community support in advance of the June 5 primary election

May 25, 2018 (Rocklin, CA) – In the last 6-week reporting period, Democratic challenger Regina Bateson out-raised incumbent Tom McClintock (R-Elk Grove). Recently filed FEC reports show that Bateson raised $125,078 to McClintock’s $111,997.

Bateson’s campaign has been picking up steam over the last few months, as community leaders, elected officials, and major newspapers have thrown their support behind her.

In early May, the Sacramento Bee and the Modesto Bee both endorsed Bateson. According to the Sacramento Bee, “she has the credentials, the local connections and, importantly, more credibility than the other Democrats.” The Sacramento Bee concluded that Bateson “is best positioned to give [McClintock] the toughest battle” in the general election.

The Modesto Bee endorsed Bateson because they liked her support for teachers and her strong positions on healthcare and prevention of wildfires. The editorial board acknowledged that the 4th Congressional District has traditionally been conservative, but they determined that “Bateson has the best chance to make it close against McClintock.”

Bateson has consistently led the race in in-district fundraising and grassroots support, and she is confident moving into the June 5th election. Bateson also has secured key endorsements from community leaders in the district’s must-win suburbs.

“The excitement is tangible,” said Bateson’s campaign manager, Emma Lindsey-Severns. “This is when you want to see the most momentum. Our volunteers are knocking on doors every day, and our fundraising numbers are hitting new highs. People are fired up and ready for change in CA-04.”


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